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Managing Exhibits

At a glance

  • In the “Browse Exhibits” view, click an exhibit’s Title to open the Neatline editor.
  • Click Public View to open the public-facing version of the exhibit visible to anonymous users.
  • Click Fullscreen View to open the fullscreen public-facing view.
  • Click Exhibit Settings to edit the default values entered when you created the exhibit.
  • Click Import Items to bulk-import Omeka items into the exhibit.
  • Click Duplicate to create a copy of the exhibit.
  • Click Delete to permanently remove the exhibit.

Once you’ve created one or more exhibits, the “Browse Exhibits” view makes it possible to find, filter, edit, and display them. There are a list of options available for managing individual exhibits:

Screenshot of exhibit options in Browse Exhibits view

Exhibit Title

Click on the exhibit title to open up the editing environment for the exhibit, which makes it possible to edit exhibit styles and enabled plugins, and to create the collection of records that constitutes the exhibit’s content. For more information, see documentation on the Neatline Editor and Records.

Public View

Click here to view the exhibit as it appears on the public-facing version of the website. This view displays your exhibit’s Narrative, if included in the Exhibit Settings. You can preview the public view of your Neatline exhibit even if your exhibit is not published. For more on publishing your Neatline exhibit, see here.

Fullscreen View

Click here to view the public-facing fullscreen version of your exhibit. Unlike the Public Vew, the Fullscreen View does not include the aesthetics of your Omeka Theme, or your exhibit’s Narrative.

Exhibit Settings

Click here to re-display the form for the basic configuration settings that were defined when the exhibit was created (e.g.: Title, URL Slug, Base Layers). These values can be edited at any point after the exhibit has been created. For more on the Exhibit Settings, see here.

Import Items

Click here to open the form that makes it possible to populate the exhibit with content by bulk-importing Omeka items. For more information, see Importing Omeka Items.


Click here to create a duplicate of the Neatline exhibit. A copy of the exhibit will be created, and can be found in the “Browse Exhibits” view. The title of the duplicate exhibit will default as the original exhibit’s title, followed by “([your Omeka user name] copy)”. You can change the exhibit title any time in Exhibit Settings.

Once created, the duplicate exhibit will exisit as a completely separate exhibit to the original. Any changes made to the original exhibit will not appear in the duplicate, or vice versa.


Click here to permanently delete the exhibit. You’ll get a pop-up message asking for confirmation. Important: When an exhibit is deleted, it is completely removed from the database - along with all the records that belonged to it - and cannot be recovered.

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