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Neatline 2.4.0

Mar 9, 2015 • wayne-graham

We’re happy to announce a new version of Neatline which adds a couple new features along with resolving a few small issues.

The two main features in this release were implemented based on community feedback. First, it’s now possible to set the opacity of a WMS layer when its selected using the “selected” opacity setting. Previously this setting only pertained to drawn geometries on a Neatline record. Second is the ability for custom themes to provide containers for Neatline widgets. This gives theme developers more control over where elements of a Neatline exhibit are displayed on the page.

There were also some issues that are resolved. An optimization was introduced in Neatline 2.3 which caused Neatline to not render WMS maps created using MapWarper. This has been corrected and maps created using the NYPL MapWarper and Harvard WorldMap WARP tools properly render in Neatline. By the way, these two resources provide a great number of maps for you to use in Neatline without needing to run your own instance of GeoServer or other service. We also fixed an issue where styles with an underscore (“_”) in them would not render properly, and we fixed an issue that would move SVG layers at specific zoom levels.

You can check out the Changelog for more detail on these changes. As always, you can download the latest release from the Omeka Add-Ons Repository. If you run into any issues, you can always ask a question on the Omeka Forums or submit an issue or feature request on our issue tracker.