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Neatline Omeka Theme Name Contest

Oct 19, 2012 • Jeremy Boggs

Yesterday I tweeted asking for name suggestions for an Omeka theme based on the design of We’ve already gotten a few great responses, but we’ve decided to kick it up a notch. We’ve got a few Neatline t-shirts. They’re nice t-shirts, as demonstrated by our friendly Scholars’ Lab Waynebot:

Between now and next Thursday morning, say 9AM Charlottesville time (east coast US), leave us a name suggestion through Twitter (using the #neatlinetheme hash tag) or in the comments on this post. The Neatline team will look them over, pick one, and the winner will get a lovely Neatline t-shirt, some Scholars’ Lab stickers, and a credit line in the theme’s code. The person who mentions a name first will get credit for it. No multiple winners, we don’t have that many tshirts! The name could be a play on “Neatline” or something having to do with functionality of our lovely suite of Neatline plugins. Or it could be something totally random. Common decency, of course, is most appreciated.

We’ll announce a winner next Friday morning. So send us a theme name!