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Status of Neatline Support

Neatline is currently in the process of moving to a new home with Performant Software! More info will be forthcoming from Performant; you can direct any questions in the mean time to Performant’s contact page.

Welcome to Neatline!

This guide is designed to be a comprehensive introduction to the Neatline project for Omeka Classic. We’ll walk through the basic steps of installing and configuring Neatline, creating exhibits and records, importing items from your Omeka collection, and publishing your projects to the web.

Start with our introduction, browse the documentation, or search for specific topics.

Looking for documentation for Neatline for Omeka S? Visit our Neatline S guide, here.

Help us improve this guide

As you read through the documentation, if you find anything that’s unclear, incomplete, or incorrect be sure to file a support ticket on the project’s issue tracker on GitHub, and we’ll do our best to fix the problem!